Illustrator. Designer. Developer.

Illustrator, designer and developer.

Creative illustration skills for developing concepts and ideas.

An eye for design by balancing text with image in both print and web.

Skilled front-end developer.

The Music Man Moby Dick Fly Puss in Boots Palindrome Motivation & Fitness Book Illustration Palindrome The Chef Comfort Food Peace Dove Elaina Gorilla Elephants Sierra Leone Pug & Ball Night Runner Swim Runner Green Emblem Renew Logo Newsletter Logo Announcement Promo Postcard Ball Hockey Poster CD Cover Design Flikr Rooms Golf Tools Ram Jersey Design Gift Poster Asset Design Landing Page Design Venom Darts Portfolio Night Design Brave Jersey Try-Local Design Holiday Card

Freelance Client: Online Website & Customized through WordPress 2015
Type: Client Custom Online Website Built within WordPress
Technology: WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Photoshop.
Summary: Custom Online Website created in WordPress with HTML and CSS, modifying PHP, modifying and styling widgets, site branding and styling. Provided training to client on how to use templates and widgets.

Personal Promotional Website 2011
Type: Personal Promotional Website (1st Attempt)
Technology: HTML, CSS
Summary: Personal Promotional Website to showcase illustration and design skills. Additional artwork showcased.

Work Client: Online Website & Design 2013
Type: Client Custom Online Website Built within Custom CMS (created for a current employer)
Technology: Custom CMS, HTML, CSS, ASP, Photoshop.
Summary: Website Discovery with client, Mockup Designs provided, Online Website Main Landing Page and Performance Page Templates created with HTML and CSS in Custom CMS. Site Branding and Styling. Provided training to client on how to use templates.

Lauren's subtle humour, curious textures and expressive colours are all comprised in her artwork. She is a graduate of the BAA Illustration program from Sheridan College as well as the Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Web Development from Humber College. She is proven a very dedicated and hard-working individual. Through her career and personal endeavours, she has expanded her visual resources, communication skills and outlook on life. She is an avid participator so you can find her networking at different web workshops or conferences or spending time volunteering for her community; primarily with children. She is a dedicated member of the Teaching Kids to Code program with the Royal Bank of Canada.

Le travail visuel de Lauren se compose d'humour subtile, de textures étonnantes et de couleurs expressives. Elle a obtenu son diplôme au programme d'illustration au Sheridan College et le certificat de développement web du troisième cycle au Humber College. Elle s'avère être une personne très dévouée et travailleuse. En explorant sa carrière et les aventures personnelles, ses voyages lui ont permis d'élargir ses ressources visuelles et ses perspectives dans la vie. Elle est participant alors elle se trouve aux conférences de web ou passer le temps faire du bénévolat pour sa communauté; particulièrement avec les enfants. Elle est membre dévoué du programme 'Teaching Kids to Code' avec la Banque Royale du Canada.

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